Birdsong and Bluebells – unwind in the woods

Walking through the local woods on a spring morning is a great way to unwind.

Bluebells in bloom

Bluebells in bloom

The birds are singing at full volume;

the hillside beneath the trees is carpeted with bluebells;

the new green leaves light up when the sun shines through them.

The exercise, enjoyable sounds and surroundings all help to let go of stress.

This all raises energy levels and the motivation Continue reading

How Do You Deal With “Stuff”?

How do you deal with “stuff”?

At this time of year, the sun comes out and shows up all the clutter accumulated over the winter, and we may even indulge in a spot of spring cleaning.

But today, I am referring to that internal “stuff” – the clutter of habitual thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. Continue reading