The end is the beginning – final transition

“The end is where we start from…” (T.S.Elliot)

We have reached the third and final stage of transitions…after looking at endings, the muddle in the middle, and finally we can start to make a new beginning.

Except it is never a totally new beginning, Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching and Creative Stress Management

Q1. What is stress management coaching?

We work from the belief that each individual is the expert on their personal and professional life, and that every client has the ability to solve most if not all of his/her problems.

Coaching provides a confidential, non-judgmental, interactive relationship where clients can work on

  • what is most troubling to them about their health and stress levels
  • what they most want to change
  • what support they have or need

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The Importance of Stress Management for Businesses

Negative workplace stress is defined as:

“The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them” 

(Health & Safety Executive) 

Work related stress has now overtaken backache as the number one reason for absence from work.

In 2008, depression, anxiety and stress-related mental health problems cost an estimated £28.3 billion. Continue reading

Change of the seasons

Even though most of the leaves are still green, summer is definitely on the way out.

autumn leaves, season change, transition

Leaves turning to gold

It’s a good time to think about transition, that invisible, personal process that goes on inside us, whilst external and visible change is happening, like the change of the seasons. Continue reading