7 Steps to Stop Stress in its Tracks

Life is full of situations and people that are ready to press your STRESS buttons.

Image of word Stress, red lettering on black background


You can’t change them but you can use these 7 steps to stop stress in its tracks, and change your responses.


1. Know your stress triggers, what sets you off?

2. Shift your focus from “out there” to “in here”.

3. Be aware of your habitual response to stress:

a. Do you Fight – get angry, irritable, grit your teeth?

Image of red letter f for fight response to stress

b. Do you Flee – avoid it, run away, cry?

Image of capital F to flee from stress

c. Do you Freeze – like a rabbit in the headlights, can’t move, think or act?

Black F in circle, stress response of Freezing

When you know your default F response, you can take steps to change it.

4. Understand the costs of unresolved stress to your health and well-being.

Perhaps you already experience some of these: headaches, indigestion, insomnia, grumpy with loved ones.

Left unattended, you can end up with high blood pressure, damaged immune system and many other health problems, not to mention breakdown of relationships and inability to focus and be effective at work.

5. Take charge of your responses.

Learn and use simple strategies to change your response to stressful situations.

6. Do something just for you each day.

Take a few minutes to notice something beautiful, relaxing, or special.

Image of sunflower against sky

7. Be thankful for at least one thing each day.

Get a notebook and write it down.

Image of Stress relax sign posts

Here is a simple stress buster to get you started on No. 5.

Take three gentle deep breaths down into your abdomen when you are starting to feel stressed. (You can take more if you need to)

This simple activity switches off the stress response and helps you to pause and unwind, so that you can start to think more clearly.

And last but not least, SMILE.

Research shows that smiling boosts your happy hormones and lifts your mood. Have something around that helps you to smile on those challenging days – a picture, photo, something that amuses you.

photograph of a group of smiling children

How about a little extra help?

Now you are getting to grips with that stress, why not try a free weekly Unwind Top 2 Toe email. You can sign up here www.keystepscoaching.com

Do you have a favourite tip to de-stress that you would like to share? We would love to hear what helps, so please add it below, thanks.

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© Jenny Cooper August 2014