Our Coaching Packages


We offer a number of different packages to suit both individuals and groups. If you’re still wondering whether coaching is for you, please read our testimonials to see how we’ve helped other people.



Complimentary consultation

Not sure what’s best for you?

We can arrange a free, no obligation consultation designed to find out what you need and whether we can help you.

Length of session: 45 minutes

Price: Free

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ColourMeCalm is a confidential telephone session where you’ll create your own strategy to free up energy and time. You’ll learn practical, simple tips to help you unwind anywhere, anytime, and also enjoy a personalised relaxation session that you can use on your own.

This might be all you need right now or it can be a stepping stone to something else.

Length of session: 40 minutes

Price: £45 (£5 goes to Bradford & Airedale Cancer Support)

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Monthly phone coaching

Individual coaching sessions on the telephone.

Two hours coaching per month.

Unlimited email contact between sessions.

(Individual coaching sessions may include Thought Field Therapy if appropriate).

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Are you running on empty?

For groups of 10-12

Introductory session to understand and reduce stress, and take away proven tools and techniques to use in daily life.
Delivered on site, in local businesses, health and day care centres. Tailored to the needs of particular group or organisation.

Length of session: 2 hours


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