See your way ahead with clarity and confidence

It can be hard to see your way ahead with clarity and confidence when life is full of distractions, challenges and demands on us.

Do you know this song?

“I can see clearly now the rain is gone

I can see all obstacles in my way

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind 

It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day.”

Johnny Nash

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He describes that moment so clearly when you have come through a bad time, and then everything clears; the relief and sense of freedom come across so well in the words and the catchy melody adds another dimension, and can set your toes tapping.

The emotional impact of those few lines encompasses relief, joy, energy, optimism, and moving forward from the pain and darkness into the healing light of the sun.

Close your eyes and listen to the music

Sometimes the melody and lyrics of a song can be so much more powerful than pages of writing or long verbal explanations. Music touches a part of us that needs no words. If we close our eyes and listen to the music, it reaches our emotions, memories and desires. When it is combined with well chosen words, the music and words together create something with more meaning than one or other on its own.

dancing music notes jpg in See your way ahead with clarity and confidence blog post KeyStepsCoaching.comEach of us will attribute our own personal meaning and inspiration to it.

When our own “rain” stops, we are able to see what our particular obstacles are. We need this moment of clarity before we make plans or decisions to overcome them. We need that clarity to step forward with confidence.

The moment when we can ask for help

There are times when the clouds keep hovering, and we can’t find that clarity or self confidence. This is often the point where we need some help and support, and when we are willing to ask for it.

Many people feel that it is a sign of weakness to ask for some help, whereas in fact it is a sign of strength and courage.

Where can we find help?

Depending on the obstacles, there are so many kinds of help available, ranging from the support of good friends through to professional counselling, therapy or coaching.

Another option is to attend a workshop or group where there is support, information, and encouragement from others who have experienced something similar. This takes away the sense of isolation that can be a result of being in that dark rainstorm. And if you want to change things, choose a group where you will have the support and challenge to do so.

What’s best?

It all depends on your situation. Ask others or your GP. Send me an email through my Contact page – I do read and respond to emails.

Consider the option of a workshop like Your 7 Stepping Stones – get to where you want to be in 7 easy steps, which has been specifically developed for women who are struggling with too many demands on their time and energy. Visit us on Facebook too. Katrina Wood and I are happy to answer any questions via email.

That bright sunshiny day

When the sun comes out, it lights up the world around us and energises us.

Image of impossible and possible sign jpg blog post See your way ahead with clarity and confidence Key Steps CoachingIt highlights any obstacles we are facing, and enables us to see the difference between  what is possible and what is impossible, so that we can make choices about our direction and how to begin.

So find the support that is right for you at the moment, and take that first step forward with clarity and confidence.

What is your first step going to be?

Write it down, and decide when you will begin.

©Jenny Cooper 2014

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