Winter Hibernation

Do you find that the dark and cold of winter affects you?

Bird bath covered in snow, Jenny Cooper, Key Steps blog post winter hibernation, Many creatures go into hibernation during the winter, and it seems a very sensible thing to do! In fact, I think that is what I have been doing myself.

Hibernation is described as being in an inactive state, with lowered metabolism, slower breathing and heart rate. Translated into human terms, that sounds like low energy, and a wish to stay indoors, keep warm and regret the fact that weight seems to gather at an alarming speed – that low metabolic rate has something to answer for.

This period of hibernation over Christmas and new year has been very relaxing in fact, and it is proving a challenge to emerge into snow and cold winds. I have been quite content catching up with things – office admin, creative projects, seeing family.

It is all too easy to get so caught up with work and business activities and then find that you haven’t spent enough time with family and friends.

winter frost on gaultheria jpg Jenny Cooper Key Steps Coaching blog post Winter hibernationWe need daylight

We do need to have light and sunshine and the lack at this time of year can result for many in S.A.D. or Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression that visits during the winter and lifts when the days and daylight are longer.

Light up your life with daylight bulbs

There are daylight bulbs that help with this, with full spectrum lighting to counteract the lack of sun shine. They are also excellent for using if you do any sort of colour work, painting or craft work, where you need to have accurate colours. You can use them in your office as well, to help your eyes cope with computer monitors etc.

My hibernation project

 Quilted Wall Hanging by Jenny Cooper Key Steps Coaching woven ribbons, silk background blog post Winter HibernationQuilted Wall Hanging by Jenny Cooper

Here is a photo of a completed project that had been sitting on my drawing board for a year, waiting for completion. Now it is up on the wall, the next piece has emerged from a box under the bed where it has been for the past 12 years… and progressing well now.

How about you?

What do you experience in the winter? Do you hibernate?

Are there things that you find time to do during the darker time of year?

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