The secret ingredient to creating effective change

So what is this secret ingredient to creating effective change?

Has it eluded you in the past? But the sense of being trapped in a cycle of pressure and busy-ness means you don’t have the energy to stop, think and discover what it is?

Quote by Einstein Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

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Coffee, kids and continents – Uthando project

Did you ever go out for a coffee and come home with something you didn’t plan that has profound layers of significance?

Uthando project – “Dolls for the children of Kwazulu-Natal”

In The Ivy, a local cafe in Albany, Western Australia, I discovered a wonderful project – making dolls for orphans in South Africa. Continue reading

What if? or What is….

What if…?

Are you creating extra stress by focusing on “What if . . . ?”

Does your imagination take off and create scenarios, often negative, of how you will think, feel, be, as a result of something that has happened?

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Have a Magical New Year.

What is it about January 1st that brings on the urge to make radical changes in our lives?

Yes, it does mark the end of one year and the start of another, so a good time for a review. But it seems only last week that we were seeing in 2012.

Have you caught up with last year’s resolutions? Can you remember what they were? What did you achieve? Are you giving it another whirl this year? Continue reading