The Right Tools for the Job

Don’t you just love toolboxes? All those compartments and trays to keep your tools ready for action? And can you find the right tool for the job when you need it?

At the last count, I have at least five toolboxes: three containing art materials all sorted and ready for action, but the two with screwdrivers and other d.i.y tools – that’s something else. On one occasion I had to go out and buy another hammer mid-job because mine was hiding somewhere.

Grey toolbox with red tray, and tools for jobs round the house

Toolbox for jobs round the house

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Save your sanity – take a walk in the woods!

Monday morning and the start of another week. Are you looking forward to it, or are you feeling mentally overwhelmed at the demands you are facing?

Did you work over the weekend? Have you been able to restore your energy and replenish your mental resources?

Walk in the Woods

Recently, my goal has been to walk in the nearby woods for at least half an hour, several times a week.

Peace and calm entering the woods

Peace and calm entering the woods

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