A badge of honour – or denial?

The Mail on line recently published disturbing information* highlighting the serious effects and costs stress is having on businesses, the health service, and individuals and families. This is not really new, but why does nothing seem to change?


In some settings I am told, if you admit to stress you are quickly shown the door. Continue reading

Birdsong and Bluebells – unwind in the woods

Walking through the local woods on a spring morning is a great way to unwind.

Bluebells in bloom

Bluebells in bloom

The birds are singing at full volume;

the hillside beneath the trees is carpeted with bluebells;

the new green leaves light up when the sun shines through them.

The exercise, enjoyable sounds and surroundings all help to let go of stress.

This all raises energy levels and the motivation Continue reading

Holiday Bliss or Holiday Stress?

According to my dictionary a holiday is a day or a season of rest and recreation. It is also linked to religious festivals or holy days, a time for spiritual renewal.

So what does the word holiday mean for you and what do you want from one? However you spend it, the time is precious. Continue reading