Client testimonials


Hi Jenny! I think working with you has permanently changed my life. You know, years and years of therapy have certainly helped me make positive changes in my life, but your guidance and teachings came exactly at a point when I was ready to hear and see things differently. I thank you for that

Dr Hema, GP – Thought Field Therapy

“The workshop highlighted how little time I actually spent on myself which surprised me. I’ve now become a little addicted to setting small personal goals to help achieve those bigger goals I keep dreaming about. Plus some useful tips and techniques to deal with stress.”

Liz H – “It’s All About You – for a Change!”

“I was amazed and pleasantly surprised how much can be achieved and how effective the exercise was over the phone!”

B.H. ColourMeCalm (Nov.2013)

Within an hour of the end of  “Just for Me!” a major crisis at work blew up and I had to attend to it immediately. What I’d have done without the space and tools you gave me to relax and take stock, I really don’t know. When the crisis came I had the energy and resource to deal with it well and come home and sleep peacefully – what a gift! I’d recommend it to all busy women who don’t find it easy to take time for themselves.

Ruth Weston – Just for Me


It was a lovely time out from the rat race. I’m going away with techniques for relaxing and a plan to improve things one step at a time.

K – Just for Me


Before my ColourMeCalm session, I couldn’t pinpoint where stress was coming from and wondered how to even begin to reign it in. Now I feel much calmer and think before reacting.



Loved the content. Art reveals so much about ourselves that you don’t realise. Enjoyed the meditation at the end.



I felt calmer, more peaceful.



I learned how to deal with stress, simple quick techniques on how to calm down.



I didn’t know what to expect. It was a really interesting and helpful session. Stress busting with colour!


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